is a GPU software acceleration library

AccelerEyes provides the fastest GPU software in the world with the most comprehensive functionality. Our products provide a level of productivity and return on investment far beyond any other development tool on the market, delivering maximum FLOPS per dollar.

ArrayFire is a software library which accelerates C, C++, Fortran, and Python code on GPUs. It provides the world's largest collection of GPU-accelerated functions. It is much easier to use than CUDA or OpenCL, and is meant to be combined with any CUDA or OpenCL code.

With minimal knowledge and time, your C, C++, Fortran, or Python application can leverage the accelerated functions available in ArrayFire's vast library. Further, ArrayFire's runtime and memory manager ensure that your application gets optimal speedups on the GPU.

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ArrayFire is a fast software library for GPU computing with an easy-to-use API. Its array-based function set makes GPU programming simple. ArrayFire is available for C, C++, Fortran, and Python and integrates with AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA hardware. Best of all, ArrayFire is free for most users!

ArrayFire is simple. A few lines of code in ArrayFire can replace dozens of lines of raw GPU code, saving you valuable time and lowering development costs. No need to waste time with building block functions. Plug-in ArrayFire and jump start your code!

ArrayFire is Open Source!

You can find ArrayFire on Github 


Jacket and ArrayFire support both CUDA GPUs from NVIDIA and OpenCL devices from AMD, Intel, and others. With both Jacket and ArrayFire, you can write your code once and run anywhere.