PGI Workstation C/C++


C++ and ANSI C for 64-bit x64 and 32-bit x86 processor-based systems.

PGI C++ Workstation includes The Portland Group's native parallelizing and optimizing C++ and ANSI C compilers for 64-bit x64 and 32-bit x86 processor-based Linux, Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows workstations. The C++ compiler closely tracks the proposed ANSI standard and is compatible with cfront versions 2 and 3. The PGI C++ Workstation compilers are native parallelizing C++ and ANSI C compilers. All C++ functions are compatible with Fortran and C functions, so you can compose programs from components written in all three languages. C++ function overloading, function inlining, multiple inheritance, and templates are all fully supported. A common set of OpenMP parallelization pragmas across C and C++ provide for simple and effective localized parallel programming without the need for explicit threads calls. Every copy of PGI C++ Workstation ships with STL library binaries.

PGI C++ Workstation includes debugging and profiling support for up to eight local MPI processes.

PGI C++ Workstation for both Mac OS X and Windows consists of command-level versions of the PGI compilers and both command-level and graphical versions of the OpenMP parallel PGDBG debugger and PGPROF performance profiler. An integrated development environment (IDE) is neither provided nor supported.

This product targets 64-bit x64 and 32-bit x86 workstations with one or more single core or multi-core microprocessors running Linux, Mac OS X or Windows.

About PGI Accelerator Compilers
With Release 9.0, the PGI C compiler supports directive-based programming of x64+NVIDIA Linux systems; the PGCC accelerator compiler is supported on all Intel and AMD x64 processor-based systems with CUDA-enabled NVIDIA GPUs.

PGI Accelerator compilers are included in all PGI Linux download packages. Either trial license keys or updated permanent license keys are required to enable them. Please see the PGI Accelerator page for more information.

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