PGI Workstation HPF



F77, F95 and HPF for 32-bit x 86and 64-bit x64 processor-based servers.

PGHPF® Server is PGI's Fortran-only compiler bundle for multi-user systems and workgroups. PGHPF Server includes multi-user network floating licenses for all of the PGI Fortran compilers, for PGDBG® OpenMP and MPI parallel graphical debugger (not available on Win32) and for PGPROF® OpenMP and MPI parallel graphical performance profiler (command-level only on Win32).

If you develop or maintain scientific and technical applications, chances are you have a big investment in Fortran. After four decades, it's still the cornerstone of technical computing. The PGHPF® Server Fortran compilers deliver outstanding performance on 32-bit x86 and 64-bit x64 processor-based workstations and servers, and enable simple portable parallel programming for both shared-memory and clustered computing systems. Whether you have legacy FORTRAN 77 that relies on Cray, DEC, or IBM extensions, or are writing modern parallel codes in OpenMP Fortran 90/95 or High Performance Fortran (HPF), With PGHPF Server you have the option of parallelizing your applications automatically, or by using explicit HPF or OpenMP directives. PGI's outstanding performance allows you to build high performance applications for SMP shared-memory servers with up to 16 CPU which can then run unchanged on workstation clusters or shared-memory servers.

The PGHPF Server compilers and OpenMP graphical debugger/profiles allows multiple users to compile, debug and profile high performance parallel Fortran and HPF applications on any compatible computer networked to the system on which the PGI compilers are installed (a network-floating license). PGHPF server allows debugging and profiling on up to 16 processors or threads while allowing multiple simultaneous users of the Server products. Executables are constrained to use at most 16 processors/threads. There are also no parallel runtime fees of any kind—the executables produced by the PGHPF Server compilers can be executed on any compatible system regardless of whether PGHPF Server is installed.

The PGHPF Server package includes the PGF95™ Fortran 95 compiler, the PGF77® FORTRAN 77 compiler, and the PGHPF High Performance Fortran compiler. PGF95 and PGF77 support automatic parallelization for SMP workstations using a simple compiler switch, and full native support for OpenMP directive-based SMP parallel programming. Many vendors support parallelization using simple add-on pre-processing technology, but PGHPF Server offers the only parallel compilers, debugger and profiler available with parallel shared-memory support integrated into the compilers and tools. The end result is quicker development, higher performance and much higher reliability for the programmer.

PGHPF Server for Windows x64 consists of command-level versions of the PGI compilers and both command-level and graphical versions of the PGDBG debugger and PGPROF performance profiler. An integrated development environment (IDE) is not provided.


This product targets 32-bit and 64-bit servers with one or more x86 or x64 microprocessors running Linux or Windows.