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Interoperable and intuitive tools for Debugging and Optimization of High Performance Computing Applications

TotalView breaks down barriers to understanding what's going on with your high-scale parallel and multicore applications. Purpose-built for applications using hundreds or thousands of cores, TotalView for HPC provides a set of tools that give scientific and academic developers unprecedented control over processes and thread execution, along with deep visibility into program states and data.By allowing the simultaneous debugging of many processes and threads in a single window, you get complete control over program execution: running, stepping, and halting line-by-line through code within a single thread or within arbitrary groups of processes or threads. You can also work backwards from failure through reverse debugging, isolating the root cause faster by eliminating the need to repeatedly restart the application, reproduce and troubleshoot difficult problems that can occur in concurrent programs that take advantage of threads, OpenMP, MPI, GPUs, or coprocessors.With customizable displays of the state of your running program, memory leaks, deadlocks, and race conditions are things of the past. Whether you're a scientific and technical computing veteran, or new to the development challenges of multicore or parallel applications, TotalView gives you the insight to find and correct errors quickly, validate prototypes early, verify calculations accurately, and above all, certify code correctly.

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TotalView works with C, C++, and Fortran applications written for Linux (including the Cray and Blue Gene platforms), Linux PowerLE, UNIX, Mac OS X, and Xeon Phi coprocessor, and supports OpenMP, MPI, OpenPOWER, and OpenACC / CUDA.

CodeDynamicsCodeDynamics looks at your complex C and C++ applications at execution time to help identify and correct bugs, memory issues, and crashes.

Developers can spend hours, days, or even weeks trying to identify what happened in large, long-running programs.

CodeDynamics cuts right to the chase, quickly identifying the cause of the crash, allowing you to have complete control over breakpoints and stepping commands.

Purpose-built for multithreaded applications at enterprise-scale, CodeDynamics gives you unparalleled visibility into running programs, unmatched control over thread states, and a unique conceptual view to aid analysis.


ReplayEngine: TotalView reverse debugging capability records the execution history of your program and makes that history available for diagnosis. This new approach working back from a failure, error, or crash to its root cause eliminates the need to restart your program repeatedly with different breakpoint locations. The ability to do reverse debugging, stepping freely both forwards and backwards through program execution, drastically reduces the amount of time invested in troubleshooting your code. Save and restore functionality means you can save execution history to a file and load it later to continue a debugging session. This opens up collaboration opportunities and makes it more convenient to debug. Recording files can be created in test environments and then examined at the development team's convenience on development systems. Reverse debugging is supported for applications written in C, C++, or Fortran on Linux x86 or Linux x86-64 platforms and works on both serial and parallel (MPI) programs. Supported parallel environments include Ethernet and Infiniband-based clusters as well as the Cray XE with its Gemini interconnect..

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MemoryScape advances memory debugging and analysis by identifying and resolving difficult memory problems in C, C++, and Fortran.

MemoryScape This graphical, real-time view into heap memory, memory usage, memory allocation bounds violations, and memory leaks occurs without instrumentation. Its built-in scripting language makes batch mode testing easy and efficient, incorporating scripts into nightly processing to verify that new development has introduced no new memory errors.

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