PGI Compiler und Tools

The Portland Group Compiler Technology team develops compilers and software development tools for the high performance parallel computing market optimized for AMD® and Intel® x86/64 CPUs running Linux, Microsoft Windows and MAC OS/X®.

With Release 9.0, PGI Fortran and C compilers support directive-based programming of x64+NVIDIA Linux systems; PGF95 and PGCC accelerator compilers are supported on all Intel and AMD x64 processor-based systems with CUDA-enabled NVIDIA GPUs.

Rogue Wave TotalView Debugger


AccelerEyes ArrayFire

Arrayfire enables C / C++ / Fortran & Python code to run on any NVIDIA CUDA-capable GPU, from the GeForce 8400 to the Tesla C1060 and the Fermi cards.

EMPhotonics Cula | Tools

CULA™| dense  and CULA | sparse  are GPU-accelerated linear algebra libraries which utilizes the NVIDIA CUDA
parallel computing architecture to dramatically improve the computation speed of
sophisticated mathematics.