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The SpeedIT Tools library provides a set of accelerated solvers for sparse linear systems of equations. Manifold acceleration, e.g. more than an order of magnitude, is achieved with a single reasonably priced NVIDIA Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that supporst CUDA and proprietary advanced optimisation techniques.

The library can be used in a wide spectrum of domains arising from problems with underlying 2D and 3D geometry, such as computational fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, thermodynamics, materials, acoustics, computer vision and graphics, robotics, semiconductor devices and structural engineering. The library can be also used for problems without defined geometry such as quantum chemistry, statistics, power networks and other graphs and chemical process simulation.

All computations are performed with single or double floating point precision. Two linear system solvers and two preconditioners are supplied.

product options

SpeedIT is distributed in two versions: GPL-based and commercial. The first one, called SpeedIT Classic has been released for demonstration purposes and its performance has not been optimized, it supports also only single precision. New users are encouraged to download and test SpeedIT Classic in their programs to understand the API and installation procedure. Together with SpeedIT Plugin to OpenFoam® anyone can test this version also with OpenFOAM.


SpeedIT is a library of one of the fastest GPU implementations for Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication, Conjugate Gradient and BiConjugate Gradient Stabilized. In average it outperforms CUSP and CUSPARSE by following factors:


SpeedIT eXtreme

SpeedIT eXtreme has the same features as standard version but its internal kernel parameters are opitmized for a given GPU architecture.  As such SpeedIT eXtreme takes the full advantage of your GPU card and therefore works fasters.

SpeedIT Multi-GPU

Our results from multi-gpu simulations in OpenFOAM are available at our blog (see vratis.com/blog ).

SpeedIT Classic

SpeedIT Classic implements classical algorithms and works in single precision only.

SpeedIT Plugin to OpenFOAM ®

With our plugin you can accelerate your OpenFOAM simulations by replacing standard iterative solvers with our GPU-accelerated versions. The more iterations to calculate pressure and momentum with Conjugate Gradient or BiConjugate Gradient in a given time steps, the higher the acceleration can be achieved.