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Performance and energy measurement

New 2015 versions of PGI and Allinea tools

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What's new in Allinea Forge/Performance Reports 5.0
PGI2015 on IBMs OpenPower
What's new in PGI2015 15.1

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

as recently shown during SC'14 in New Orleans debugging specialist Allinea works on software tools which allow a measurement of the overall performance of an application. Allinea`s new Performance Reports tool which gained a lot of attention from cluster administrators and Allinea Map will get add-on features for energy measurement of applications.

What's new in Allinea 5.0

The Portland Group Version 5.0 of the Allinea Developing Tools are available Allinea Forge (Allinea MAP + Allinea DDT)
Allinea Performance Reports

New features:
  • New in Allinea Forge 5.0
    • Built-in editor with syntax highlighting, code folding, compilation and source control integration
    • fully supported in local and remote clients
    • OpenMP and multi-threaded profiling support
    • Improved OpenMP debugging support including sparklines for zero-click comparison of values across all threads.
    • Offline memory leak reports - add the "--mem-debug" flag to an offline run of DDT to add interactive memory leak analysis to the HTML report generated.
    • Improved startup support for SGI MPT and SLURM
  • New in Allinea Performance Reports 5.0
    • OpenMP and multi-threaded support. A new OpenMP breakdown section analyses the use and overhead of multiple threads in all codes.

Complete details are included in the Allinea Release Notes.

PGI 2015 on OpenPower

HPC Compilers for Heterogeneous Supercomputing

IBMs OpenPower consortium with NVIDIA and Google targets datacenters to break into Intels unilateral server chip dominance.

PGI announced porting their compiler and tools to IBMs new OPENPower systems with IBM Power CPUs and NVIDIA Volta GPUs for 2015. Start of beta-program will be soon.

Please let us know if you plan to participate in the beta program.

What's new in PGI 2015 15.1

The Portland Group Version 15.1 of the PGI Compiler and Tools 2015 is available for Download

New features:
  • PGI C++ Compiler
    • PGC++ is now default on Linux and OS X
    • Full support for C++11 on Linux and OS X
    • Expanded support for OpenACC
    • OpenACC implicit deep copy preview
    • NVCC host compiler on Linux
  • PGI Fortran Compiler
    • Incremental Fortran 2008 features
    • Support for automatic arrays in OpenACC routines and CUDA Fortran
    • New CUDA Fortran intrinsics
    • New CUDA Fortran cuSPARSE module
  • PGI Accelerator OpenACC Fortran/C/C++ Compilers
    • Comprehensive OpenACC 2.0 support
    • Support for OpenACC CUPTI-based profiling
    • Support for CUDA 6.0/6.5 and NVIDIA Kepler K40/K80 GPUs
    • PGI OpenACC Unified Memory Evaluation Package for Linux
    • New OpenACC SDK examples
  • Other Features and Additions
    • Updated pre-compiled MPICH, MVAPICH and Open MPI libraries
    • New top-level PrgEnv-pgi environment module
    • New operating system support including Ubuntu 14.10, Fedora 21, CentOS 7, RHEL 7 and OS X Yosemite
  • Complete details are included in the PGI Release Notes and the PGI Visual Fortran® Release Notes.

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Very best regards

Thomas Horn

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