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September 2008
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Now you Can Find and Fix the Most Difficult Programming Errors Even Faster!

Dear Customer,

how many times you have been frustrated, stepping to far while debugging? The error occured in the routine or some if its subroutines where you just stepped over. All variables and / or pointers are changed or invalid. Setting up new breakpoints, restart again. This must not happen again!  Read more and prove it out by yourself.

What's this ReplayEngine?

ReplayEngine is a new product from TotalView Technologies that radically simplifies the experience of reproducing problems in troubleshooting applications. ReplayEngine gives you the ability to record the changes to your C/C++ or Fortran program state as they happen, step backward in time, and review any part of the your program's recorded behavior, function calls and thread execution..

What's behind the ReplayEngine?

ReplayEngine's deterministic replay capability records the execution history of your program and makes that history available for diagnosis with TotalView.  This new approach - working back from a failure, error, or crash to its root cause - eliminates the need to restart your program repeatedly with different breakpoint locations. The ability to step freely both forwards and backwards through program execution drastically reduces the amount of time invested in troubleshooting your code.   

How ReplayEngine helps me?

With ReplayEngine, developers no longer need to restart a program over and over again with different breakpoint locations to narrow down the possible causes of a problem, but they simply step freely both forwards and backwards through program execution history. At any point they can examine any variable, even one that they didn't know was interesting till they decided to look at it.
ReplayEngine captures both external inputs to the program and internal behavior such as thread context switches so even hard-to-reproduce problems like multithreaded race conditions can be approached simply and rationally.


ReplayEngine can be used to debug applications written in C, C++ or Fortran and compiled with many of the compilers supported by TotalView on linux-x86 or linux-x86-64 platforms.
ReplayEngine supports debugging distributed applications based on a limited but expanding number of MPI configurations.

More information or evaluation?

More informations you'll find here:
ReplayEngine Whitepaper

ReplayEngine can be evaluated with an existing TotalView license.
you can request an evaluation license directly from us:
Evaluation ReplayEngine
If you dont have access to TotalView or an up to date version (8.6), we will send you an additional license key for TotalView:
Evaluation TotalView + ReplayEngine

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