TotalView Express Student Version

February 2008
German Version

Dear Customers and Downloaders,

effective from March 1st 2009 TotalView Technologies now offers the TotalView Express Student Edition for Students for D A CH and NL.

TotalView Student - Specifications:

  • Single-instance
    Only one instance of TotalView Individual can be run at a time

  • Node-locked and does not float
    Is licensed to a specific laptop or workstation and cannot be shared

  • No remote debugging
    The remote debugging feature from TotalView is not available

  • Maximum of 4 threads/processes
    Can debug up to 4 processes or threads at a time<

  • Expires the year of graduation
    The license will expire at the end of the year of graduation

  • Does not allow X redirection
    The X connection cannot be routed to another X display

  • Does not include memory debugging
    The memory debugging feature from TotalView is not available

The student edition is available for Linux/X86, Linux/X86-64, Mac OS X on Intel, Mac OS X on Power and Solaris/X86-64

Customer Support for the Student Edition is available only online through the TotalView Technologies' Developers' Forum. After you create an account, you can go into the Edit Profile tab to subscribe to discussions. We encourage your participation in the Forum with comments and tips for other students, and product feedback for us.

To get a free license a course instructor or professor as a contact to set up the program at your university is needed.

Please send a mail with subject 'TotalView Student Version' to: .

The following informations are required per Student:

  • Name

  • Email address
    (please use the students university email; no hotmail,  or accounts please )

  • student id / registration number / registratienummer

  • Expected year of graduation

The version is available for all full time students studying for bachelor or master on degree granting universities.

The license is linked to one computer. In case the Flexlm HostID of the computer is changing (i.E. when installing a new networkcard) the license must be requested again.

For further information regarding TotalView, Star-P ,IMSL and PGI products we are glad to be at your disposal at:

Very best regards

Thomas Horn

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