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Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux for CUDA

now available

The development platform for all CUDA developer, that includes all components, to build programms for computation on NVIDIA GPUs.


New products for the HPC GPU computing

During the past few months there has been a substantial and accelerated progress regarding the development of software tools for the GPU computing and CUDA enabled applications.  Hereupon software developers like PGI, Allinea and AccelerEyes were able to release new software versions which include the support of CUDA enabled GPUs. read more...


SMB new reseller for AccelerEyes Jacket products

in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands

Since April 2010 we resell Jacket Product Family of AccelerEyes LLC Atlanta for GPU Computing in MATLAB®.


DDT Debugger for NVIDIA GPUs

as Pre-Release Version for Linux available

The new GPU Debugger Add-In for Allineas DDT Debugger enables Developers to debug their CUDA C-Code under Linux direct on NVIDIA GPUsWatch Video


PGI Accelerator Programming Tutorial

Hamburg May 30th 2010

Register today for the PGI GPU Programming Tutorial at ISC 2010 in Hamburg on May 30th or join us form May 31th to June 3th at booth 744 (PGI) or booth 745(Allinea)



Allinea GPU Debugging Webinar

on March 2nd 2010

Learn how Allinea DDT for CUDA can address your GPU debugging requirements. See how easy and powerful it is to debug your code on the host CPU and CUDA boards.

read more and register